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What is Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveyors (construction cost consultants/cost estimators) work for either the client or contractor and can be based in an office or on site. They make sure the costs of large construction and infrastructure projects are accurately estimated based on initial requirements and project specs.

Having a quantity surveyor as part of the team from start to finish ensures that the project is costed out correctly and remains financial feasible at every stage of any construction project.  Quantity surveyors maintain a balanced and realistic approach to the funding of every project to make sure there are no cost overruns, nor that the purse strings are not held too tight.  Either extreme has the potential for a catastrophic outcome.

If budgets are too tight, the quality of the project could suffer and if spending is in a free fall, then the funds may run out before the project is completed.


The construction estimator


The project manager


The loan monitor


The cost planner

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