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Frequently Asked Questions 

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How do I become a
CIQS student member?

A student is an individual that is designated as a full-time student as evidenced by their academic institution.  Acceptance for CIQS student status shall be at the sole discretion of CIQS.

To apply for a student membership, 

Complete and submit the online application form at

What happens after I submit the application?

Your application​ and supporting documents are sent to the CIQS Membership Committee for review

What supporting documents should I include?

Please refer to our Application Document Checklist for details​

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Can I get credits for equivalent education courses offered by colleges?

Yes, if approved by CIQS.  See list here.

If your course is not listed, send us the course description for review by the Membership Committee

How do I complete subjects required for CEC or PQS?

Option 1: Write the CIQS exam for that subject

Option 2: Enroll in an accredited continuing education program

Option 3: Enroll in an accredited full-time or continuing education program

How often does CIQS offer examinations?

Twice per year in February and October.

Contact us at

for details

Is there anything else required for me to attain my CEC or PQS?


CEC - complete part B of the TPE (diaries and minimum relevant work experience)

PQS - complete parts B, C (practical exam) and D (professional interview) of the TPE

What subjects are required to attain the CEC or PQS designations?

The courses differ depending on which division you are interested in:




View the syllabus for each division


I am enrolled in a full-time college/university program.  Does my application get assessed by the Membership Committee before I am approved?

Student applicants can complete our online application here and submit a confirmation of enrollment letter from the college/university along with the expected date (month/year) of completion.

Student applicants are not assessed by the Membership Committee until they have completed the program and cannot write exams or start diaries, etc.  Upon program completion, provide a copy of the school transcripts for review by the Membership Committee to be upgraded to an Association Member.  They can then proceed with the process to obtain their professional designations.

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